Carol Ann Jones - Out Of The Blue - 2008

1. All About The Wheels
2. Mr. Engineer
3. No Rest For The Weary
4. Uncontrollable
5. The Eleventh Hour
6. Let Go
7. The Cloud
8. Goin' To Hell With My Handbag
9. Out Of The Blue
10. I'm Not Just A Dreamer
11. Slipping
12. I Need You
13. I'm Into You
14. Farmhouse Blues

Ben Patton - The Unquiet And Apart - 2007

1. Highwayville
2. How's The Weather Out In La La Land?
3. Famous To You
4. You Can Handle It, Mrs. White
5. Fairview County Kids
6. Nothing To Declare
7. Do Something About It
8. I'm Afraid Of Young People
9. B.I.D.
10. The Morton Myrtle Chapel Funeral Home

This is my second album with Ben and it's always a pleasure to play with such a great talent!

As a pop-rock singer-songwriter, Ben has released three solo albums, two "Muller and Patton" duo albums, and a live concert DVD. He has toured in Europe, Asia, and around America.

As a composer-songwriter, he has written music for feature films, television programs, radio, and advertising, for such companies as FashionTV, Bigfoot Entertainment, QTV and Disney.

Ben Patton - Because The Heart - 2006

1. All Grown Up
2. The Untold Story
3. Any Other Girl
4. Somebody's In Love With You
5. Great Expectations
6. Is It Just Me, Or Is Everybody Lonely?
7. Timon Of Athens
8. You Have No Idea
9. I Love My B-A-B-Y
10. Summer In Winter Hill
11. When Larry's In Love
12. I'm Stupid Over You
13. The Least I Could Do

Ben Patton was born and raised in northern Vermont. In his late teens he moved to Boston, Massachusetts, where he recorded his debut album "Here's the Good News Album". In 2004, Ben formed a duo with European friend Jaye Muller. In London, they collaborated on an album called, simply, "Muller and Patton", which was met with critical acclaim. In 2005 Ben lived in Berlin, Germany for a year, and toured in Europe and Asia. With Jaye Muller and a six piece backup band, he taped "Muller and Patton: 50505 LIVE", a concert DVD.

Keeghan Nolan - 2006 - Total Home Center Promo CD

A promo disk featuring "Boots" and "Thank God It's Friday" (TGIF) released for a special event at the Total Home Center in St. Albans, VT.

Keeghan Nolan - 2005/2006/2007/2008

Fans say she has the powerful voice of Patsy Cline and a Music Style of her own , in a totally fresh and unique way. Keeghan Nolan is from in VT/FL , she is 16years old and has been raised around Country Music her whole life. Keeghan is a high school junior , she is taking marketing classes, and is also studying guitar . Keeghan has traveled between Vermont, Nashville, and Florida performing in a variety of Venues from many Indoor and Outdoor Festivals to County Fairs and Concerts.


1. Boots
2. Radio Romance
4. Patsy Cline Christmas
5. Pretend
6. Sparks Fly
7. Of Yesterday

8084 - The Last Great Train - 2005

In the spring of 1999, the band began writing songs for a new album project. Instead of following the music industry trends or doing what was expected of them, the band approached this project by writing material with a new attitude - they would write songs and create arrangements that they liked. What they would normally do when composing, they would do the opposite. The music contained on this CD is representative of that mind set.

Produced by Andre with assistance from the other band members, this CD also includes the 8084 recording debut of bassist / vocalist Roy Brown. Composed from the heart and soul, and based upon personal experiences they shared during that six-year period, the result is The Last Great Train.

1. Breath
2. Alright
3. The Last Great Train
4. Shopping List
5. Sometimes
6. Without U
7. Home
8. Come 2 Me
9. I Know
10. When I Think of You
11. All That I Need
12. Guistophrenic
13. Thank You

8084 - So Far - 2000

This compilation CD features the best of 8084's first three releases. Most of the original tracks were used, including the re-mixed keyboard parts by the late Charlie Hawthorne.



1. Too Late For Love
2. Hideaway
3. Badman
4. Hold On
5. Surrender
6. Fire
7. Thunder in Her Heart
8. Lonely at The Top
9. She Comes to Me
10. Lover's Feel
11. Call Me

8084 - Love & War - 1988

This album is the result of the CBS Canada deal and 4 months of recording sessions in Montreal. Aldo Nova was at the helm for the initial project production, and also assisted by writing Too Late For Love with the band.

The album was 70% complete when management complications caused the project to fall apart. Old friend and Boston producer Hirsh Gardner stepped in and the final project evolved into this album. Hideaway, the second song on the album, received a Billboard music award.


1. Too Late For Love
2. Hideaway
3. Lonely at The Top
4. She Comes To Me
5. (She's on) Fire
6. Somebody Like You
7. Rosita
8. Love and War

8084 - 8084 - 1987

Self-titled debut

The debut recording for 8084, this album was produced by Hirsh Gardner. The songs were all written during a 6-month stretch were the band left their families and lived together in a rented house outside of Manchester, NH. Working odd day jobs to pay the bills, the band would retreat nightly to the living room, which was set up as a rehearsal space complete with all of their gear. This album sold over 15,000 copies in the US and European countries, and garnered 8084 very positive press reviews from all over the globe.

1. Badman
2. Lover's Feel
3. Fire
4. Beat of the City
5. Thunder in her Heart
6. Hold On
7. When I Think of You
8. Stop Me